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At 4:08am on December 17, 2019, Ashwin D'Costa said…

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your message. It is a little sad that the compiler has received so little love over the last few years but having read the history it is not really surprising. I am amazed at the size of the executables it can produce. Compared with the output from a modern version of Delphi it is an eye-opener. The most recent apps that I have been producing in Delphi are over 15mb in size as release executables. I haven't yet used FreePascal but that might be on the cards.

I saw a programme written in Melbourne to help manage Wine Collections which has been written in Virtual Pascal. This is what rekindled my interest in the VP compiler. I couldn't engage the author of that software unfortunately but having an interest in the idea of wine databases I had thought there might be some synergies. That said there is a lot of stuff that modern Delphi has that just becomes too easy to rely on and notwithstanding the size of the VP executable, the ease of use and power of Delphi are really compelling.


At 4:10am on December 17, 2019, Ashwin D'Costa said…

Sorry the only other question that has piqued my curiosity. Given the expense of the Ning site as stated in various threads since at least 2016, how can this site still be going? Is there some exemption that applies to the site based on its venerability?

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