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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me what I need to do, in W7, to associate a VPO file with VP.EXE, so that double clicking on it opens the associated Pascal file in the IDE. I've got this working on my PC at home, but now away from there and no clue how I can do it here on my new laptop. :(

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Hi Robert

This is something you do it once and then forget "for ever". What I am using in my PC is the following:

Step [1]. Create a batch file "vp.bat" with the following content

@echo off
rem associate *.vpo with "....\vp.bat /C%1" , for instance
rem vpo file (c:\Prog\Complang\Pascal\Vpascal\Bin.w32\vp.bat /C%1)
mode 120,40
c:\Prog\complang\pascal\vpascal\bin.w32\vp.exe %1

Step [2]. Put this vp.bat file in the installation directory of VPC, for instance in


Step [3]. Create in windows an association with "*.vpo" files with the following definition:

vpo file (c:\Prog\Complang\Pascal\Vpascal\Bin.w32\vp.bat /C%1)

The parameters "/C %1" are essential additions

Step [4] Double click on a *.vpo" file and Virtual Pascal will start-up with the files and definitions specified in this VPO file.

It would be nice if this gets a more prominent place somewhere in the documentation. I observed several times that as soon I forget this, it took me (again) a  long search to rediscover how to do it.

Have fun with it


Found another approach:

Double click a VPO file, and open it with Virtual Pascal. Then use GFTE to modify the resulting association.


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