Virtual Pascal

Classic Object Pascal for free

I noticed the web site seems to be back up.


Is this an "official" website from the developer of VPascal?  If not, whose behind the website?

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Looks dodgy to m:

origin =
mail addr =
serial = 2011040401

I think it sb that acquired this domain who just put some generic text on virtual pascal on the frontend, but
hasn't really had the time to put something on its front. If you click around, there are more of these one
record on languages with borrowed text.

Yeah, it definitely is dodgy.  I forgot to renew and let the domain name expire, so someone else has bought it...


Incidentally, someone offered me $500 for it a couple of years ago, and I said No :)  I asked why he wanted the domain, and the answer depressingly was that "it's a short name, it's been registered and live for a long time and it's not associated with spam".  I guess he didn't include "yet" in the sentence as I don't know why else he'd want it.  Any ideas? :)


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