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it worked on older versions but stopped when i upgraded.  even tried a fresh install but nope.

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oops i mean build 279 i changed the topic

Hi Tony,

You certainly mean older versions of Windows ?

Does the mouse work with other programs in text mode (the Free Pascal editor, for example) ?

If you cannot fix this, you may use the VPC compiler with other editors, like Geany.

yes it does just not this last build of vp. im windows 7 ultim 64b

OK. It works fine on Windows 7 ultimate 32b (and on Linux 64b but that's not the question). Unfortunately I've got no 64b version of Windows to test it.

And do other text mode programs (FP...) work ?

yes it worked on the build before and again yes it does work in fpc just not VP

Have you tried compatibility modes?

compatibility as in? the build before it worked.

Works OK here on W-7-64 Pro.

but not for me.

As I seem to have misplaced my earlier comment: did you actually verify the various builds on the same machine (excluding the chance that per machine settings are to blame?)

IIRC older Windows versions default to using the mouse for selection rather than passing on the clicks to the application, this can be configured in the properties of cmd.exe

i was working on the last build before the last as stated and when i installed the last version it stopped. i only have this one box

also it works fine in free pascal


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