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Today, Ning has announced that the minimum price to host the group will go up to $588 per - too much for what we do here, I think!

Is there someone here who would like to set up and moderate a new forum somewhere? Something as simple as a Facebook group might be the best option. Please reply here...

The price increase happens on October 1st, so this site will shut down by then - in just a month. 

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Have you considered for a free bbforum, maybe wordpress or free blog.

Maybe a php forum on your own machine (since this is such low activity on postings)

I have considered those and they are fine options, but I do not want to be the one who sets it up and maintains it - it will take some effort to do that I can't manage.

Perhaps a very basic Google Sites website could be set up, with basic info, e.g. download link, plus perhaps a FAQ page?

It could then possibly have a link to a Facebook group that could be moderated by the community? That way at least there would still be an official place to download VPascal (rather then someone accidentally going onto a fake/spam website, etc.), with the FB group for those who want help/questions/etc.

Unfortunately I'm not sure I have the time to help. Would be sad to see the VPascal completely disappear.

facebook is a nono for me.

I think Facebook would be better and it would give more access and awareness to VP. Just set it up so when they join they have to answer a question to get in.

Neocities is free/cheap, and has recently increased its limits. Alternatives would be Sourceforge or maybe Github. Make sure all Ning content is saved via wget or something similar.
And the $uckerberg sect is also an absolute no-no for me!

Facebook is a nono for me, because they discourage multiple accounts too much, and I have to keep work and private separate.

As I said in my post, I don't have time to maintain the site, so I'm happy with whatever someone else sets up and manages.

Since Tony set up a Facebook group, that's where this community is moving...

Also, in my view Facebook is a great choice. It's free, functional and I don't believe the conspiracy theories one bit :). (Disclaimer : I started working fire Facebook on June 12th)
There is no edit, so I just want to correct the typo and say I work for Facebook now :)

It's true that multiple accounts are not allowed. You can of course manage things with groups of friends and choose who can see what (and group membership does not require that you friend the members), but it's a little more work of course and I respect Marco's point of view there.

Pity that you didn't start working for Google, they are less *nal about multiple accounts. :-)

Anyway, I guess this is goodbye.


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