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I am new to VP, and I am having to refresh anything I might have known of Pascal from 20 years ago.  What I have is an in-house developed 16 bit Pascal Application (DOS based), that I need to convert to run 32 bit.

I have the pas code, but when I try to remake it, it gives the error Error 15: File 'iolib.vpi' not found.

Well, that's sounds simple enough, just compile iolib from source and create the VPI file right?  Well, ya, how do I do that?

I went to and downloaded 4 (yes, I know, newer, but going to try it just in case) source code, but I am stuck there.  How can I compile the source code into a usable units file?

I could really use some help here on how to do that?  

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In the simple case, just press F9 - it will compile the source file and all of the units it needs.

However, iolib.pas sounds like it might be a unit that directly addresses DOS I/O ports - you can't do that from a 32-bit Windows app. If that is not what you're trying to do, you may still be in luck :)



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