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There are a few mirrors available - if you have one, post a link in this thread. The first Google hit is SoftPedia, where build 279 (still the latest one) can be downloaded...

I have also attached the file to this post - hopefully it works!

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i found out that the delphi 5.01 patch accepts sysutils and classes in the 5.00 version, but neither 3.0, 5.0, 5.01 nor 7.00 consts...aah... consts is localized so it rejects the german version :/

E:\delphi\source>E:\vp21b279\updd.exe C:\tools\vp21\source\rtl\vc501vp2.upd

UpdateIt! Version 1.00 Software Maintenance System (DOS 16-bit version)
Copyright 1987-1993 Innovative Data Concepts Incorporated
All Rights Reserved

Upgrading VCL v5.01 unit files

Verifying CLASSES.PAS ­­­>> Verified!
Verifying CONSTS.PAS ­­­>> Invalid File!
Verifying SYSUTILS.PAS ­­­>> Verified!

Invalid or Missing Files ... Aborting Update ...

Unable to Update the following files:
This one is also working FTP or HTTP.

The Sean Dennis link has moved to


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