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Classic Object Pascal for free

There are a few mirrors available - if you have one, post a link in this thread. The first Google hit is SoftPedia, where build 279 (still the latest one) can be downloaded...

I have also attached the file to this post - hopefully it works!

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You can also download VP from my site ( also.
I've since created a page on my website ( - click on the "Virtual Pascal" link on the sidebar. I've included a screenshot of the Win32 IDE and will put a screenshot of the PM IDE soon. I'm looking for links, also, for VP-related code for the page too if anyone has any.
I downloaded mine successfully from the SoftPedia from a Romanian mirror link.
VP 2.1 build 279 is also available on, the most popular developper's site in French-speaking Western Europe, Africa and Quebec :
Install VP 2.1 on Linux !

The IDE works fine on Linux and is the same as the one on Windows.

Here is an archive with a bash script to install VP on Linux :
* ftp link
* (http mirror link).

To install VP :

1. Uncompress the archive in a temp directory (/home/???/tmp or other)
The directory vp21 is automatically created.
2. In a console, go to the directory here above
3. Type bash
4. After the install process you can delete the temporary directory first created.

To run VP :

1. Go to the directory created by the install script and then to the bin.lnx directory
2. Type ./vp to run your favorite IDE :)

The script is in French (sorry). Be careful if you choose a default directory like /usr/share : you must give sufficient write rights to the file bin.lnx/vp.vpo so the users will be able to save the config.

Tell me if there are bugs or if you want a translation of the script.
I'm using Xubuntu on my laptop and wanted to install VP. I download the file and opened it. I installed every thing and started VP. Then I load my file. As I wanted to copilieren it, it said: Error 15: Datei system.vpi is not found. What shell I do??

I am not familiar with Xubuntu (Ubuntu Linux?), but I can tell you a little about compiling under Windows. The SYSTEM unit is actually comprised of several files, of which SYSTEM.PAS is only one; there are some assembly language files which are compiled and added to the SYSTEM unit. The final unit (SYSTEM.LIB and SYSTEM.VPI) resides in the "units.w32" folder. In your case, it will be found in the "units.lnx" folder. If there is a copy anywhere else, delete it - it probably is incomplete. Make sure that the "units.lnx" folder is present in your directories setup in the IDE (Options/Directories) as both a UNIT directory and a LIBRARY directory (probably appears as ...\units.%p).

Only by compiling the unit can the VPI file be created (if it isn't present already), but just using Virtual Pascal manually does not include the necessary assembly stuff. The correct way to create the unit is by using the batch (BAT) file or the command (CMD) file found in the "source\rtl\sys" folder. This will perform the compilation (creating SYSTEM.LIB) AND create the necessary VPI file (SYSTEM.VPI - include the assembly stuff) in the "units.w32" folder. In Windows, you must have the complete folder structure present or the BAT/CMD files will fail. In other words, after installation, don't delete the non-Windows (non-Linux in your case) folders which are installed.

I hope this might shed some light on your problem. Maybe someone more familiar with VP (and Linux!) could respond with a better answer; I am new to VP myself and have little knowledge of Linux.

Hobbes, the big OS/2 site also has a copy. Look in this directory for

More interesting would be links to Veit Kannegieser's material, it's gone from his site...

FWIW, Sean Dennis' links to are Dodo's.
VK's files can be downloaded from Internet Archive at this link:

Also, Necromancer's DOS Navigator page has some packages of VP+VK's patches at:
the update patches to delphi 5 seem to be broken.
it does nothing on delphi 5.01 source files (all invalid)
and on delphi 5.0 it just patches sysutils and classes but stops on consts, and leaves a half-updated system which cannot compile due to a missing sysconst.pas.
very strange, maybe the german version has some bytes changed ?

if anybody can supply the patched files needed for delphi5 compatibility, i'd be very glad.
searching for UpdateIt! by innovative software... i just get 3 hits for that proprietary patcher.
output of updd.exe running on a freshly installed delphi3 (this came on a cd accompagning a book, publishing the whole vcl source, so i would regard it as public domain, as do the KOL people):

E:\Delphi3\Source\Vcl>E:\vp21b279\updd.exe C:\tools\vp21\source\rtl\vc300vp2.upd

UpdateIt! Version 1.00 Software Maintenance System (DOS 16-bit version)
Copyright 1987-1993 Innovative Data Concepts Incorporated
All Rights Reserved

Upgrading VCL v3.00 unit files

Verifying CLASSES.PAS ­­­>> Verified!
Verifying CONSTS.PAS ­­­>> Invalid File!
Verifying SYSUTILS.PAS ­­­>> Invalid File!

Invalid or Missing Files ... Aborting Update ...

Unable to Update the following files:


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