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Hello friends, Can somebody help me with the following? Forgive me if my remarks are naive, I am really very ignorant about programming.

I've been using VP on my home computer for several years. However, the truth is that although I manage to get by, I still have various problems in using VP. I won't go into these now (later perhaps), but will explain my current problem.

Recently I downloaded VP onto my computer at work. The trouble is that the programs I wrote and use at home no longer work. For example, I get a compiler error that CLRSCR is an unknown identifier. I thought that adding CRT under USES might help, but then all I get is CRT.VPI IS NOT FOUND. It looks as though the package I downloaded is incomplete. Can anyone tell me what I must do to overcome this problem?

Many thanks, Lee

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Hi Alcatis,
Sorry again for delay. I've been away.

Thanks again for your comments. All understood. And I agree, the editor may look old-fashioned but it is powerful.
I tried your suggested tips for getting more columns and lines. It works ok, but now the maximum size of the editor window is at most around 80 percent of the full screen (as it was hitherto) - an unwelcome reduction when you have eyesight like mine. But no matter. I'm content with things as they are. You already solved my biggest problem, for which once more my sincere thanks. By way of appreciation I attach here an example of the kind of structure that VP helps me to hunt down. Bye for now, Lee


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