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At 1:04pm on December 16, 2019, Robert AH Prins said…

Hi Ashwin,

Yes, VP is still around, but it's effectively abandonware. It generates W32 executables that still run on W64, but Allan has no intention of ever updating it. I still use it for the programs that process my hitchhike statistics, but those programs only contain minimal amounts of Pascal, most of the code is in-line assembler, including sh*tloads of DB's to allow me to use MMX, XMM and YMM registers. I do not use FPC, as it's incompatible with my code, and the IDE isn't a shadow of the VP IDE.

As for this site, it's about as alive as VP, as you can now see yourself.

Kind regards,




At 10:23am on December 17, 2019, Robert AH Prins said…

It's still free for communities with up to 150 members.

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