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Today, Ning has announced that the minimum price to host the group will go up to $588 per - too much for what we do here, I think!

Is there someone here who would like to set up and moderate a new forum somewhere? Something as simple as a Facebook group might be the best option. Please reply here...

The price increase happens on October 1st, so this site will shut down by then - in just a month. 

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Have you considered for a free bbforum, maybe wordpress or free blog.

Maybe a php forum on your own machine (since this is such low activity on postings)

I have considered those and they are fine options, but I do not want to be the one who sets it up and maintains it - it will take some effort to do that I can't manage.

Perhaps a very basic Google Sites website could be set up, with basic info, e.g. download link, plus perhaps a FAQ page?

It could then possibly have a link to a Facebook group that could be moderated by the community? That way at least there would still be an official place to download VPascal (rather then someone accidentally going onto a fake/spam website, etc.), with the FB group for those who want help/questions/etc.

Unfortunately I'm not sure I have the time to help. Would be sad to see the VPascal completely disappear.

facebook is a nono for me.

I think Facebook would be better and it would give more access and awareness to VP. Just set it up so when they join they have to answer a question to get in.


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