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I'm a delphi 4 programmer
But I want to create a language of my own using delphi at first

It would be so good to get a complier code in pascal to start with
It would save so much time

Lex Dean
lexdeanair at

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Replies to This Discussion (not directly Delphi 4 compilable, but the dialect is very close)

Browsing in the following list might also be useful:
P4 web site has P5
and that’s a good example of a compiler as foundation to start from

I found a assembler for the Pentium processor written in Pascal 7 in assembly language

I have realised I start with a good Pentium assembler and a major part of my work is done
I then make a parser to assembly code and the assembler does the tight coding for the processor
and a lot of work is done for me

thanks very much for your work for me
My French is very bad
as I live in New Zealand
were you are so helpful

The Free Pascal compiler also has assemblers inside, roughly implementing NASM syntax.
I'm having to learn the pro's and cons of each family type of assemblers and which is the best for my needs.
The Free Pascal compiler also has assemblers inside because it’s based on an assembler first to write the asm code inside pascal. This keeps the code tight and lowers the errors. It also makes it easy to add a asm feature to the complier.

But I have not realized the drawbacks to all asm compliers yet
I'm wanting to try and write a complier that overcomes the drawbacks as much as I can. Managing data storage in the complier is important too.

Using Delphi 4 to 7 and on:- its complier has a major error
should you create a procedure with a var (or a pointer in the code) wear you are linking from a descendant piece of code. Delphi losses the pointer and that's why TMemoryStream object dose not work.
This is very frustrating to file management in Delphi for experienced OOP programmers.

Putting that all aside I have realised limiting stiles of writing code with even Pascal.
The processor doing extra work that is achieving nothing to get the result needed for the user. You cannot see the wood because of the trees I’m saying.
So I’m out to overcome this but keeping much of Pascal’s formatting so it’s quick to take up with a very little learning curve.
Thier is other points to this project too
so a new complier to a new language is in order.
FPC is not based on assembler first. It used an external assembler, GNU AS as backend for most of your times.

I'm not aware of any problems with TMemoryStream and losing pointers, while I have extensive Delphi experience. Could you demonstrate this with an example? I'm interested because FPC might also have the problem as compatible.

I don't fully get the last paragraph. It starts like a cry for minimalism. The second part seems to be more about learning curve. Minimalism usually requires a lot of knowledge and is usually not readily combinable with quick learning curve.

But the ease of use/learning curve issue certainly rings a bell. Modern production compilers of nearly any language are often not suitable for educational purposes, is that what you want to target with your new language? Strictly educational use?
No not educational use
for every day programmers to use
A good asm complier often deals with much miniminism for you
but you have to see the woods before the trees

USE TMemoryStream to receive data from a file and then copy it to a second TMemoryStream
This is inportant when data from many objects is stored in a single file and you need to chop it up. As using windows IStreams only works in NTFS file systems and not cd's or Memory sticks ..............

I like pascal's basic text format, thiers nothing wrong with it
So why reinvent the wheel.

you have been interesting to talk to
have a good day



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