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Does anyone know what I need to do to BlockRead a file that's currently open? Normal Read(Ln) doesn't seem to care, but BlockRead gives me an error 32.

Basically, I need to make corrections to the open file, based on what the error-checking program returns. I can save and close it every time, but keeping it open (after doing a save) is more convenient.

And if you're puzzled? I've actually got a routine that replaces ReadLn with "read_ln", which reads directly from a text file read by BlockRead - just as my "write_line" bypasses "WriteLn" and writes directly to the large-enough SetTextBuf allocated file buffer...

All part of a process to convert a Pascal program into pure assembler, which has now reached the stage where all code is actually in-line assembler, making the program rather a lot smaller, and about three times as fast. ;)

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