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I can't find a full tutorial on how to apply "dpmi32_lfs_279_2" and what to do after.

Please check my steps and correct me if I did wrong or miss a step.

So I have done a full "all-free setup", copied all the files from "dpmi32_lfs_279_2" on top of(with overwrite existing files) and run "applydif.bat".

Browsed to "\Vp21\Source\Rtl" and runned the "_all.bat".

A full folder compare between different steps show me the "\Vp21\out.%p\units" folders received the rebuild rtl results (*.vpi and *.lib) and some system.bak.

Also a bunch of .bat, .cmd, .dif, .279, .274, .243

Q1: - The vpi & lib files from "\Vp21\out.%p\units" must be moved in "\Vp21\units.%p" ?

Q2: - Or the

*.lib go to "\Vp21\lib.%p\" and

*.vpi go to "\Vp21\out.%p\units" ?

I am asking because the "out.%p\units" folders contains a subrange of the files in "units.%p" and some are DIFFERENT in contents.

I want to clean the setup folder, keeping only the useful files.

My target:

- Full setup, patched, cleaned for all supported platforms, archive for later reference and put an exe able to patch the files with absolute path for the working folder (a sort of portable setup for windows)

- Strip/simplify all down (keep only w32) for my daily usage.

Q3: - Have you other patches for w32 or other platform?

Q4: - Since the RTL is "rebuildable", can I delete all *.lib and *.vpi? The needed ones should be automatically be rebuilded at runtime. Those not used will stay as source files. Some sort of build only the needed lib+units when you need. Sorry if too stupid.

Q5: - Maybe someone else has already done the patch+cleanup+rearrange, did it better and can share?

Q6: - If not, can someone point me to the right steps to apply all the patches and "rebuild/release a 2.1_279-a setup version".

Of course:

-free as already pointed in this forum;

-only if/after Allan and major players here approve/verify the job and post it here.

-I can supply mirror for the dl's

Please excuse my verbosity.

Please help me improve at least my 2.1_279 copy of Virtual Pascal.

I know you can.

Thank you in advance!

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Some help?


I am very confused on how to correctly do the update/patch and, most important, what to clean AFTER.

If someone already done it and post an archive....


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