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Hi all !

I've written an interface unit with most COM objetcts : IShellLink, IPersistFile, a.s.o.
As there exists no interface type in VP, all methods are implemented in records. So my code is ugly and I'm sure there are errors but a few COM objects have been successfully tested.
(http link)

I hope I'll find free time to write an object-based version of this unit.

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Hi !

The third version (object-based) of the WinShell unit for Virtual Pascal 2.1 is available.

It contains all types, constants, interfaces and API's of the following libraries :

All interfaces are now declared as abstract classes.
Two sample programs, LinkPath and Browse, show you how to use them.

Of course not all interfaces and API functions have been tested.
If there are bugs, missing types or constants, please report it.

Download :
(http link)
Alcatiz: I ported headers for a lot of windows units recently to FPC.

Have a look in packages/winunits-base (and packages/winunits-jedi for the jedi variants).

They are all in interface notation, but maybe it is easier to transform these than the C/C++ headers.

I only did the header ports, so if you find bugs in them, please report them. The same if you make more examples, we have nearly none for these units.
Thank you for your reply ! Well it seems that you use up-to-date libraries - my unit must be completed with newer interfaces and functions and your sources will also be useful to verify some structure definitions (sometimes I hesitated between 16 and 32-bit fields).

I don't have many examples as the reason to begin such a unit was only the necessity to browse for folders and resolve link files. When I get time I'll add an example of retrieving a user's system folders and modifying shortcut properties.

Your job for FPC is fantastic !
Bye for now !
My libs are based on the 2003 SDK (units of 2007) or SDK 6.0 (Vista), if basic translation was done after january 2008. They are translated from IDL and C, but most have not been actually tested.

However the conversion was fairly systematic, and some were tested, so in general they will be ok.


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