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There seems a limitation with the RTL using the seek() function on an untyped file, which was written to be > 2GB.  The buffer size was…

Started by Maxim Frayer

9 Jan 4, 2014
Reply by Marco van de Voort

Strange crash on using .. "Now" !!

G'day All, I'm just experiencing a strange crash (...floating point exception) when using the Now function... It crashes on a... 'fild' …

Started by Barry Day

8 Oct 10, 2013
Reply by Barry Day

Short Filename (8.3) - how to get it under VP pls?

G'day All, I'm having trouble with FileExists & SysFindFirst etc - where it can't find a file that I can see perfectly well in Windows…

Started by Barry Day

7 Aug 26, 2013
Reply by Marco van de Voort

Apply patches to the 2.1_279 version

I can't find a full tutorial on how to apply "dpmi32_lfs_279_2" and what to do after. Please check my steps and correct me if I did wrong o…

Started by Portos

1 May 13, 2013
Reply by Portos

OpenGL examples

Hello ! There are nice OpenGl examples in VP 2.1. I would like to learn, and I look for some basic examples. Has someone a piece of code…

Started by Roland Chastain

2 Apr 27, 2013
Reply by Alcatiz

The future

Hi everyone, I've noticed that there has not been much activity on this group for a while. Is this web site still alive? It would be a sham…

Started by Simon

1 Feb 9, 2013
Reply by Marco van de Voort

Time stamps

Hi, everyone. I'm writing an amateur radio logging program for myself and I'm wondering how to properly store the date and time for each re…

Started by Sean Dennis

5 Jun 12, 2012
Reply by Sean Dennis


This...   versionInfo.dwOSVersionInfoSize := SizeOf(versionInfo);  GetVersionEx(versionInfo);  VMajor:= versionInfo.dwMajorVersion; should…

Started by Ken Tripp

5 Apr 9, 2012
Reply by Ken Tripp

SWAG code mirror

If anyone is interested, I now have a full mirror of the HTML SWAG site at with all the code downloadable and exam…

Started by Sean Dennis

1 Mar 29, 2012
Reply by Sean Dennis

ListBox BP7 OWL to VP21

 This is standard BP7 OWL code for a ListBox but not working when compiled with VP21   PMyDialog = ^TMyDialog;  TMyDialog = object(TDialog…

Started by Ken Tripp

10 Mar 2, 2012
Reply by Ken Tripp


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