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Robert AH Prins replied to Robert AH Prins's discussion Really bad bug(s) in VP
"I only use the command-line compiler, and only use the IDE when I've got a problem that I cannot solve without looking at the actual assembler code, in essence that means that it's only used when I need to look at what's happening…"
Apr 15
Marco van de Voort replied to Robert AH Prins's discussion Really bad bug(s) in VP
"I don't see the direct link between lines and some code size metric the compiler would care about.  Maybe in debuginfo (which would explain the breakpoint), but still that is a bit vague. If you generate the assembler outside the IDE with…"
Apr 15
Robert AH Prins replied to Robert AH Prins's discussion Really bad bug(s) in VP
"Hi Jean-Luc, The source is already made up of one main file with 58 "{$i other}"ones... I can (probably) solve it by splitting each of these up in two parts, one with the procedure(s) coded in in-line assembler, the other with the…"
Apr 14
Alcatiz replied to Robert AH Prins's discussion Really bad bug(s) in VP
"Hi Robert, Maybe dividing your source code in separated include files will solve the problem?"
Apr 14
Robert AH Prins posted a discussion

Really bad bug(s) in VP

I think I've fond a really bad bug in VP, which seems to manifest itself in two different ways:If the total source of a program exceeds 32k lines,1) the generated assembler listing will at some stage be corrupted2) in this case inserting a breakpoint seems to overwrite something, causing (access) errors at random other locations in the program when run in the IDE.So far I've not been able to figure out where the 32K ($7fff/0x7fff) limit comes from...Not a very happy bunny...See More
Apr 13
Robert AH Prins posted a discussion

BlockRead open files (sharedenynone?)

Does anyone know what I need to do to BlockRead a file that's currently open? Normal Read(Ln) doesn't seem to care, but BlockRead gives me an error 32.Basically, I need to make corrections to the open file, based on what the error-checking program returns. I can save and close it every time, but keeping it open (after doing a save) is more convenient.And if you're puzzled? I've actually got a routine that replaces ReadLn with "read_ln", which reads directly from a text file read by BlockRead -…See More
Apr 10
Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott posted a discussion

Mouse in command window

I haven't explicitly enabled mouse support in my program but when it loads in a command window on Windows 7/10 x64 I can use the mouse to click on menus and dialogs as well as drag windows around inside the app.  But creating specific new windows the mouse support suddenly disappears and it's back to the keyboard.  When I launch a separate process (in a new command window) and return back to my app the mouse support returns to normal.Any one have experience with this or any way that I can…See More
Jan 14
Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott replied to Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott's discussion Convert Turbo Vision BRS file
"Didn't find any way to do it so I've manually converted the file by hand using the object structures and types from the Pascal source and a hex editor. Jeremy"
Jan 14

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TNT Unicode component for Virtual Pascal ?

Has any one converted the TNT Control codes package that supports Unicode controls on an ascii based system such as mine (Delphi 4) ? The free version of TNT only supports from Delphi 6 onwards and into Delphi XE.


Posted by Martin Ireland on January 8, 2015 at 5:11am — 1 Comment

End of Free Ning - What To Do?

I have just seen the news that Ning is in trouble, have laid off 40% of staff, and will end Free Ning sites (such as this one) in 2 months time, early July 2010.

The cheapest option for retaining this site is $20/year - and it will probably be fine. That option has a maximum of 150 members, and we today have 116 here at vpascal, without large growth prospects.

Do you know of an alternative that it's easy to port to? Do you care if disappears? Or would you like… Continue

Posted by Allan Mertner on May 4, 2010 at 11:09pm — 8 Comments


For some reason, spammers think that by creating 100 fake accounts and having them all post ads for products that help against erectile dysfunction, they are somehow going to get through to customers.

The reality is that all they do is to destroy small communities like this one...

I have just deleted a ton of spam accounts - if I deleted a real one by accident, I am sorry!

I have also added a step whereby I have to approve new members so this should be a problem… Continue

Posted by Allan Mertner on January 14, 2010 at 7:55pm — 1 Comment

Downloading VP

I still get the occasional email from someone that wants to download VP, and it's clearly not obvious how to do so.

Let me point you to the forum thread that has the latest VP build attached to it, and also points to a few mirrors: Virtual Pascal Download Forum Topic

Happy downloading!

Posted by Allan Mertner on October 9, 2008 at 8:00am

New VP community

After the main Virtual Pascal site went down 2 years or so ago, I have occasionally received email from someone that wants to know what is up with VP - and I didn't have a good answer other than "sorry".

With this new site, there will once again be a platform for users of VP to communicate, share ideas, files and thoughts - I encourage you to use it.

I don't intend to do any more with VP than I have before, but will occasionally have a look to see how it goes.

VP… Continue

Posted by Allan Mertner on July 3, 2007 at 7:37pm — 3 Comments


Really bad bug(s) in VP 4 Replies

Started by Robert AH Prins in Virtual Pascal. Last reply by Robert AH Prins Apr 15.

BlockRead open files (sharedenynone?)

Started by Robert AH Prins in Virtual Pascal Apr 10.

Mouse in command window

Started by Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott in Virtual Pascal Jan 14.


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